News & Knowledge Meeting 2024

VKST would like to invite all interested in the Danish pig production to a meeting in English with focus on news and knowledge on today’s pig production.

There will be presentations about the economic situation, production rules, how to increase survival in the production, and common challenges from the veterinarian’s perspective. After the included dinner, there will be a presentation about leadership, motivation, and onboarding of new employees. This is followed by an inspiring speak about body language and the importance of using it correctly.

There will be time to socialize with colleagues and exchange experiences with others interested in the Danish pig production.

Practical information

The meeting is open to all interested in pig production – both Danish and English speakers. The meeting requires registration here on the page or by phone 7027 9000 no later than March 1st, 2024.

Price for participation: 595 kr. (ex moms) per participant.
Price for extra attendants: 395 kr. (ex moms) per participant.



Keld Sommer, Head of Pig Advisory Department, VKST


Danish Pig Production Economy of 2023
Tanja Bronnikova, Economy, and Business Advisor, VKST

Get insight in the Danish pig production economy of 2023 with this presentation, where Tanja will talk about the highlights and consequences of last year. Learn how different decisions on, and factors of the economy affected the Danish pig production in 2023.


DANISH Product Standard & Inspections by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Asger Kjær Nielsen, Quality Manager at Danish Agriculture and Food Council

DANISH Product Standard is the assurance that the pork production maintains specific standards. Asger will explain more about the DANISH Product Standard, why it is important, and which focus points you should have in the production. Furthermore, he will make a differentiation between the purposes of DANISH and the DVF Administration.




LIV – Increased survival in the production is the key to a good work environment and it directly affects the economy
Emma Hansen, Pig Advisor, VKST

This presentation will focus on the importance of increasing the survival in the pig production through good management and leadership. A systematic approach, acting on a problem before it’s uncontrollable, and a good teamwork across the different sections in the production is important. Emma will talk about the arrangement and location of sick pens, routines and supervision, training of new employees, systematic collection of data, and follow-ups in the production.


Common challenges in the Danish pig production and how to act on them – seen from a veterinarian’s perspective
Anja Vallø Kibsgaard, Pig Veterinarian & Chief of Marketing, Ø-vet

Anja will present the most common diseases and challenges in the Danish pig production. You will learn more about how to handle the most common diseases and how to take care of the sick pigs.




Leadership, Motivation & Onboarding
Jette Sandager, Pig and Management Advisor, VKST, and Henrik Søndergaard, Management and Business Advisor, VKST

The presentation focuses on teamwork, communication, sharing of knowledge, and motivation. How do you motivate yourself and others, and how do you maintain good production results. You and your leader are both responsible for creating a good work environment. This presentation will inspire you to better communicate with others and to optimize the onboarding of new colleagues.


Break – Coffee 


Your Body Language and The Impact of Using it
Farshad Kholghi, Lecturer, Actor & Entertainer

Learn about how your body language can either help or challenge you in your everyday life. Your body language affects your communication with others, and it can also contribute to the miscommunication between people. You will learn how to use your body language to better communicate with others, and how it can help improving the quality of your life.

Farshad moved from Iran to Denmark with his family in 1984, and throughout his presentation he draws parallels to his own experiences with being new in Denmark and his integration into the Danish culture. His presentations are entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting.


End of meeting

Praktisk Information

Dato: 06. mar 2024
Tidspunkt: 15.30-20.30
Lokation: VKST Sorø
Tilmeldingsfrist: 01. mar 2024
Pris: 595,- | 395,- for extra attendants

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